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Indian Restaurant near South Woodford

Onion Bhaji (v)
4 pieces. Onion, lentils and herbs fried in a spiced batter
2 pieces Triangular shaped pastry filled with chicken, minced lamb or veg
Mixed Starter
Chicken tikka, vegetable samosa, sheek kebab and onion bhaji
Chicken Chaat
Chicken fillets in a special tamarind sauce, with a tangy flavour
Aloo Chaat (v)
Potatoes in a special tamarind sauce, with a tangy flavour
Reshmi Kebab
Lightly spiced minced lamb platters, wrapped in an omelette
Mirch Paneer (v)
Paneer cubes sauteed with chillies, onion, pepper and spices
Chicken Pakora
5 pieces. Chicken pieces deep fried in a mildly spiced batter
King Prawn Puri
King Prawns cooked in a sweet and sour sauce, served on a puri
Sabji Kofta (v)
Deep fried lightly spiced mixed vegetable balls
King Prawn Butterfly
King Prawn infused with special spices, fried in breadcrumb, served with a salad
Bhaja Mach
Seasonal fish fillets marinated in herbs, spices, shallow fried with onions and peppers
Prawns on puri
Spicy prawns cooked in a sweet sauce, served on puri
King Prawn Pepperfry
King prawns sauteed with onions, butter and lots of black pepper

Chicken pakora (4), Sheek kebab (2), onion bhaji (2), sabji kofta (2) and tandoori chops (2)  
Vegetarian (v)
Onion bhaji (2), sabji kofta (2), paneer tikka (4) and vegetable samosa (2)